Feature on Collater.al

Thank you to Collater.al for the support! I'm very flattered to have my work featured on their great platform, and I appreciate the insights from writer Giulia Ficicchia. 


Square Magazine Feature

Thank you so much to Christophe Dillinger for including me in Issue 804 of Square Magazine. I'm very excited to be a part of this lovely issue alongside Adeline Spengler, Sarah Brooks, Arnaud Perrel, Jean-Paul Bourdier, Lotta van Droom, Keither Taylor, Patricia Van De Camp, Alan Marcheselli, and Soledad Manrique. The pdf of the full issue can be downloaded for free here. 

2018 Calendar for Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Thank you to the Colorado Photographic Arts Center for including my image "Farview" in their 2018 calendar. I'm in great company with Marcus DiSieno, Matthew Swarts, Cody Bratt, Jess T Dugan, Thomas Carr, Anne Leighton Massoni, David Bowman, Parker Reinecker, Maureen Drennan, Daniel W Coburn, Sherri Lynn Beth, and Terry Ratzlaff.

Interview with Mieke from Gallery 19

The amazing Mieke from Gallery 19 interviewed me for their ongoing series "Articulate." We talk about my motivations for my projects A House, A Home and Volley. Feel free to check it out!