Curating for L.A. Photo Curator - "Nothing Special"

I am very excited to curate the upcoming call, "Nothing Special" for L.A. Photo Curator. Submissions are open now through July 8th at midnight PST.

Image © and courtesy of Logan Bellew

Image © and courtesy of Logan Bellew

Lamb says, "From the spontaneity and unpredictability of street photography to the artfully crafted still life to the happenstance urbanscape and far beyond, photographers have long been able to create powerful, beautiful work drawing from the banality of everyday life.

How do you make something compelling out of nothing special? This question has become compounded as the ubiquity of image-making and image-sharing has reached an all-time peak and is steadily growing through various social media outlets. In a time when we are sharing, “liking,” and viewing more images than ever, how are you seeing and capturing the world around you?

This call is looking for well-seen images of the everyday - the benign, the boring, the overlooked. I’m curious as to how you view the world, and in particular how you capture the subtle, in-between moments, people and spaces that are such a large part of our daily lives. Whether found, staged, or manipulated, all subject matter and methods of capture are welcome."

20% of all artist fees go to two charities a month. They're split between the curator's favorite charity and the first place winner's favorite charity.

Lamb has chosen the Union of Concerned Scientists for her charity (Practical solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems—from combating global warming and developing sustainable ways to feed, power, and transport ourselves, to fighting misinformation, advancing racial equity, and reducing the threat of nuclear war).

Feature on Mull It Over

An interview that I did in February with Jonathan Cherry from MULL IT OVER was published today. MULL IT OVER is great site that supports the working of emerging photographers. Check them out and give them a follow on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook! Read the full interview here. 

The Curated Fridge Spring Show 2017

I'm excited to have two images featured in (on?) the Curated Fridge's Spring Show 2017. I love the idea for the Curated Fridge, it's really clever and keeps photography accessible and down to earth. It's another great reminder that photography is as much about sharing spaces and appreciating different points of view as it is about making images. Thanks to the RefrigeCurator Jessica Roscio, Yorgos and the CF team! 

Remember Me and Denver's Month of Photography

I was thrilled to spend the weekend before last in Denver and get a small taste of the events and energy for the Month of Photography. There are seriously so many incredible, innovative shows, with work from too many amazing artists to name, happening throughout Colorado. I only wish I could have gone up again this past weekend for the openings of more exhibitions! I am grateful for the opportunity to show with Anne Massoni in Colorado Photographic Arts Center's gorgeous new space. Thank you to all who have taken the time to see the show, I know there is a lot to take in throughout the city and your audience is greatly appreciated. 

Installation shot at Colorado Photographic Art Center's "Remember Me" show

Installation shot at Colorado Photographic Art Center's "Remember Me" show

The Denver Post's "The Know" listed "Remember Me" as one of the top 8 picks for the Month of Photography. Check out the article to learn about other shows in the area.  

Remember Me at Colorado Photographic Arts Center

I'm very excited to announce that work from my series "Volley" will be part of a two-person show with Anne Massoni at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver. I'm thrilled to share a space with Anne and her incredible work. Thank you to Samantha Johnston and the team at CPAC for putting this together. If you are in Denver the opening is March 4th, and the exhibition runs through April 15.